The BroadcastPro Middle East portfolio offers the most comprehensive range of solutions for marketing your products and services. Speaking directly to your target market, BroadcastPro Middle East is the region’s leading monthly industry magazine for the film, TV and radio production and broadcast industry.

Features and Benefits

  • Read by key decision makers in the region’s industry
  • Circulated throughout the Middle East
  • An influential publication that sets the news agenda
  • Taps into international and local markets that matter
  • Speaks directly to and interacts with your key target market
  • A monthly one-stop guide to exclusive news, analysis, trends, products and events
  • Kept by readers for reference due to quality editorial
  • Recognised and respected industry wide

Reader Profile
CEOs, CTOs, Senior Engineers, Commercial Heads, Cameramen, DOPs, Directors, Producers, Filmmakers, Programming Heads, Senior Executives in Film, TV and Radio.