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Choosing the lens to tell the story: Les Zellan of Cooke Optics

From full-frame to anamorphic and vintage looks, cinematographers have the widest choice in format, equipment and lens to tell a story, writes Les Zellan of Cooke Optics. In the early part of this year, there was a flurry of digital camera and lens launches for ‘full-frame’ or ‘large format’. Two years ago, the big buzz was ‘anamorphic’. As with most aspects of the media and entertainment technology industry, there is constant change and evolution in acquisition technology; partly because...

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Ramadan TV dramas’ production values rise dramatically

With more than 100 series created for Ramadan this year, there is a rise in drama for GCC audiences, possibly related to KSA's recent media reforms. A table, based on research, shows the top marketed dramas this season, and the channels that have acquired the broadcast rights.

Tech Features

2018 is the year of machine learning: Glodina Lostanlen of Imagine Communications

New artificial intelligence capabilities will dig deeper into the decision-making realm freeing the industry to create engaging content, writes Glodina Lostanlen of Imagine Communications. The media industry has traditionally been technology-driven. We still see this. Recently the talk has all been around IP connectivity. In truth, this is not a goal; it is not a technology that is interesting and important in itself. It is an enabler — it allows us to achieve exciting new things. It looks like...

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