Cabsat Products

AEQ promises greater call features with the SYSTEL IP 16 at CABSAT

AEQ will launch three new products at CABSAT to demonstrate better user ergonomics and operational flexibility.

The star of the AEQ stand will be the SYSTEL IP 16 VoIP phone system engine with DanteTM connectivity and SIP signalling protocol. It is compatible with PSTM, GSM and ISDN phone lines and has the capacity to handle up to 16 simultaneous IP phone lines, which can be simultaneously operated from one to four or more studios. It provides analogue, digital and AoIP Dante-AES67 I/Os for full interconnectivity in a flexible way from different devices in an AoIP network.

SYSTEL IP 16 provides three different types of controllers. The SYSTELSET+ touch terminal comes with automated functions for simple intuitive talkshow management and two more sophisticated SYSTEL IP-PC based controllers: one for radio and one for TV operations.

The SYSTELSET+ is a control terminal based on a touchscreen IP phone running a new configurable control application. The need for a PC at each workplace is avoided, for best operational convenience.

Systel IP TV is a client application for flexible control of SYSTEL IP 12 and SYSTEL IP 16 multi-conference systems, designed for the external routing of intercom systems, coordination applications or other specific usages in TV production centres.

It accepts incoming calls manually or automatically, labels calls, puts them on air or leaves them in a multi-conference group. It can leave calls listening to their assigned (N-1) feedback. It has the ability to put calls on air, routing them to the assigned internal audio circuit. It can leave calls in different multi-conference groups, where all group members can participate – talking and listening at the same time. It can also allow the operator to talk to all lines separately or to all group members at the same time.

Stand 302, Hall 3