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ContentArmor ups the anti-piracy game for live sports at CABSAT

ContentArmor will present its anti-piracy watermarking solution and other content protection technologies for sports and media industries at the tradeshow.

ContentArmor, the bitstream watermarking vendor will showcase its latest anti-piracy solutions at the Dubai tradeshow. ContentArmor SAS is a global provider of content protection technologies for sports and media industries from content production to end-user distribution.

ContentArmor’s Video Watermarking solution modifies the bitstream directly, resulting in blitz-fast embedding. Its technology enables integration at any point of the distribution chain, including CDN edge servers or low computational power CE devices, and requires only marginal additional bandwidth, storage or encoding capabilities.

Speaking about their watermarking solution, Alain Durand CEO of ContentArmor said: “Illegal redistribution of content over the internet has unfortunately become the most threatening competition to PayTV and OTT distributors. We are delighted to have the opportunity to present our unique forensic watermarking solutions to MENA market and to demonstrate how it can help our customers to protect their investment in premium Live sports or VOD catalogs.”

Forensic video watermarking is used by studios and broadcasters to fight against video piracy. This technology allows tracing the source of piracy, down to individual pay-TV subscribers or managed devices, and thereby acts as a powerful deterrent. ContentArmor video forensic watermarking resists to a wide range of modifications to the content, from simple transcoding to screen capture.

Initially designed and approved by Hollywood Studios for Premium VOD distribution, the solution is now available for the protection of live content such as sports games. On top of web monitoring, identifying the source of the pirate feeds enable operators to take technical or commercial actions in real time.

Stand: Hall 3, D3-32.