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French pavillion brings audiovisual technology in focus at CABSAT

Business France, the national agency dedicated to the internationalisation of the French economy will be organising the ‘French Pavilion’ at CABSAT to present French audiovisual innovations. Close to 14 companies will exhibit at CABSAT in Hall 3.

Speaking about their participation, Marie-Françoise Nolet, in charge of organising the pavilion at Business France, said: “French companies are going to CABSAT not only to understand the market and discover business opportunities, but also to create partnerships with local players in the digital media sector, such as broadcasters, producers, integrators and TV channels.”

Several innovations in the audiovisual sector like recording and broadcasting equipment, UHD/4K, IPTV and TV on mobile, content creation, management and distribution technologies will be on display.

The Content Armor startup will present new solutions to help the multimedia and entertainment industry fight content piracy. Hexaglobe will be exhibiting for the first a new online video distribution product to broadcasters and digital media. The INA Audiovisual Institute will be presenting the INA-Signature, a new tool designed to protect industrialised content and copyright.

French equipment manufacturers enjoy a worldwide reputation and operate in all areas of the audiovisual sector. The French market continues to expand in high added value services and has recorded significant growth in HD, particularly UHD, in production and dissemination. Digital broadcasting has been successfully deployed in France over all types of media (terrestrial, cable, satellite, IP). It should be noted that the industry generates significant revenues through exports for production (filming) and post-production (dubbing, subtitling, image processing).