Cabsat Products

Take the Baton from Interra Systems at CABSAT

Interra Systems will showcase its Baton ABR QC and Orion-OTT monitoring solutions at CABSAT, which perform deep QC checks and monitor VOD and live content from ingest to distribution points. By carrying out exhaustive checks at pre- and post-transcode stages, along with comprehensive, delivery-specific checks and monitoring, this solution assures QoE for every stream on every device.

ORION-OTT can monitor a large number of streams for ABR compliance, along with audio-video quality checks in real time. Providing an aggregated view and status collected by Orion and Orion-OTT monitoring points, Orion Central Manager offers visibility and power for proactive monitoring. When complemented by the company’s Baton for QC and Orion for 24/7 linear workflow monitoring, both product suites provide broadcasters with a total solution for streaming superior-quality services.

Interra Systems is working to develop WINNOW further, powered by advanced AI and machine learning technologies. WINNOW can detect and tag specific scenes and images such as violence and strong language, based on user-defined rules.

Stand: Hall2, 205.