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VSN leverages AI solutions for media content production at CABSAT

VSN will present a broad spectrum of innovations, products and services at CABSAT. The highlight of the showcase will include VSNExplorer MAM, which is now integrated with IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure Google, and Etiqmedia AI systems for a more efficient and accurate media management.

Among the most relevant functionalities offered by solutions such as VSNExplorer MAM, are facial recognition, objects, places, music, voice or audio effects identification; action detection and correlation with verbs and relevant terms; entities, political parties, logos and brands identification; sentiment analysis (positive or negative) and emotions detection in the media; Optical Character Recognition (OCR); or speech-to-text and automatic translation, among others.

Speaking about the contribution of AI in content production, Nick Morgan, VSN Sales Director for the APAC region, said “Artificial Intelligence has a lot of potential for the Broadcast and Media Industry, and VSNExplorer MAM with AI integration is a clear example of how this technology can make content production easier for its users. From the automatically captured metadata and all the advanced search options that this enables, VSNExplorer MAM with AI integration provides some of the most advanced content management and analytical tools our industry has ever seen.”

Often referred to as ‘machine learning’, AI users can now ‘train’ the system to remember specific items, for example, the face of an unidentified person or the make of a vehicle can be registered into the MAM database so all future AI scan results of media will automatically match any AI ‘captured’ items. Based on the recognition analysis that AI provides, these same items can also be automatically detected in other existing MAM assets every time a specific keyword is searched and detected in a file returned by the AI system. One example would be to use AI to analyse sensitive or adult content, text or spoken words that may need to be modified or removed to facilitate content moderation.

The product showcase by VSN will also include a new web plugin for NRCS that allows companies to create their news production work environment their way, by choosing the systems that best suit their needs and VSNCrea traffic and scheduling system, which offers users flexibility and is available in cloud or on-premise and under the SaaS business model.