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A clearer cloud infrastructure

Terms like ‘cloud-native’ and ‘cloud-enabled’ are being used increasingly within broadcast and often interchanged by people who assume they mean the same thing. Glodina Lostanlen explains the difference while offering greater clarity on the recent developments in cloud infrastructure.

New Media Tech Features

The right CDN

Does a dedicated TV CDN deliver the best value when serving regional TV markets like the Middle East, or is using CDN as a service a better proposition? Göran Appelquist, CTO of Edgeware, explores

New Media Tech Features

4K is not perfect yet

Although there have been one-off events produced in 4K, the technology is still far from ready to be adopted for mainstream broadcast. Tim Felstead discusses some of the challenges of 4K From a broadcaster perspective, 4K (or, strictly speaking, UHD in a television context) is still nascent, with...

New Media Tech Features

Beyond media security

There needs to be greater awareness that cybercrime has evolved in recent years. In essence, the attack surface is now much bigger, making platform security paramount, says Andrew Wajs The multi-device, connected world that we are living in today has spurred broadcasters and pay-TV operators to...

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Audio networking

Today’s IP technology offers a best-of-all-worlds combination of increasing performance with decreasing costs, says Brad Price While the transition from analogue to digital is nearly complete in all realms of professional audio, the next wave of change is already here. The use of computer...

New Media Tech Features

The power of audio over IP

Embracing scalable technology like AoIP will become increasingly critical if organisations want to seamlessly accommodate emerging audio requirements and video formats, says Ken Tankel There is a misconception in the broadcast space that media outlets must wait for video over IP to mature before...

New Media Tech Features

Seizing the opportunities of change

The IT industry is massive compared with the broadcast industry – broadcasters would be foolish not to take advantage of the pace of developments in IT, says Paul Wallis We are seeing unprecedented change in the world of broadcasting and electronic media at present. This change is genuinely...

New Media Tech Features

Mobile view

A high-performance infrastructure can address many of the challenges of a multi-entity, digital media production and distribution system to deliver competitive advantage, says Yarob Sakhnini Increasingly, consumers in the Middle East are accessing entertainment and news ‘on-demand’ via mobile...

New Media Tech Features

Doing nothing is not an option

Media assets of many a broadcaster are decaying for lack of platforms to play them. They need to act fast to keep their legacy intact, or risk losing vast reserves of history and culture with the potential to be monetised, says Michel Merten Our audiovisual archives – hosted by broadcasters and by...