With Tarek Mounir on rebranding TCM

TCM acquired a new on-screen look a couple of months ago. We catch up with Tarek Mounir, VP & GM of Turner MENAT, to find out more
Tarek Mounir is VP & GM of Turner MENAT.

What triggered the process of rebranding of TCM?
TCM is and has always been the destination for everlasting movie classics. As time has passed and the demographics of many of our fans has changed, it was imperative for us to freshen our image and update our library to re-main the home of classic movies.
Being the leader in general entertainment, we need to be well equipped to cater to the requirements of these fans by including the great titles of the 90’s and beyond, which today are considered classics.

How do you plan to drive audiences to the newly branded channel?

We are quite fortunate as TCM is the top of mind platform for people who want classic movies. Our customer base has always been niche, and it has been steadily growing through the years. With our new updated content and list of titles, along with our great partners across the region, that help us maximize our household reach, we are extremely positive on driving new audiences and more viewership to the channel.

Is there a fear of losing the older audiences that wanted to watch the older classics that TCM was famous for?

Classic movies present a very different proposition that has a strong and consistent demand.

To put the rebrand in context, this is not a complete transformation as there is no change in our philosophy and values. TCM will remain true to its brand proposition, offering viewers the greatest classics of all time, such as such as Gone with the Wind and Casablanca, TCM’s revamp is geared to continue the timeless journey for film lovers and to remain their top desti-nation for modern classic movies.

How will the new channel stand out from other movie channels offering contemporary films targeted at younger audiences?
As part of the content and programming makeover, we now offer a vastly enriched and new library of movies that are considered recent classics. Our new and more diverse range of titles, is part of our ambition to appeal to an even wider audience as their go-to destination for great movies.
Over the next several months we shall continue to grow our library and add more modern classics to cater to the demands of our fans.

What are your specific tasks in the MENA with regard to the rebranded channel?
First, our main objective was to evolve the channel and make the TCM brand more contemporary to resonate better in an everchanging digital and social world. Moving forward, we need to make sure that we connect and engage well with our newer and younger audiences, from a brand and a commercial perspective. This way we shall be able to invest further on the quality of our content.