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Pebble Beach Systems bets on emerging IP Solutions

Miroslav Jeras, CTO, Pebble Beach Systems.

Pebble Beach Systems will demonstrate some of the emerging solutions for replacing – and surpassing – wired GPI capabilities in modern broadcast facilities as they migrate to IP. Pebble Beach Systems has been a key contributor to the IS-07: NMOS Event & Tally Specification (“IS-07”) which is in development by the Advanced Media Workflow Association as part of the networked media open specifications initiative. It defines a mechanism for emitting and consuming states and state changes in an IP environment, allowing equipment from multiple vendors to be connected using open standards – and for those connections to be easily and simply remapped.

Speaking about the project, Miroslav Jeras, Pebble Beach Systems’ CTO, said: “There are existing protocols that cover simple data transport over the network, but those tend to be proprietary protocols that are often implemented on a per project basis. IS-07 solves the problem in a standardised way that ensures interoperability between vendors. It’s a Swiss Army knife for system integration.”

He added: “The IS-07 protocol replaces GPIs by transmitting logical data, timed with the PTP timestamps. But the true power of IS-07 lies in the transport of string and numeric values. And you can further describe the data being sent by adding metadata such as lists of acceptable values, ranges, or units of measurement. The flexible routing mechanism inherited from other NMOS specifications also enables an IS-07 based control panel – or even control room – to be remapped to another studio or channel by a single click.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of this initiative which has ramifications for all vendors and users who are architecting and maintaining IP infrastructures. On the Pebble booth, we will be presenting a targeted demo showing a powerful subset of the vast functionality this protocol will enable, featuring Pebble equipment alongside technology from Riedel and Atos, and the Riedel booth C6537 will also feature an IS-07 demo.”

Pebble Beach Systems will also be participating again in the annual IP Showcase in NAB’s Central Hall where Jeras will present a paper on IS-07. The Future Zone of the IP Showcase also features a dedicated IS-07 area, where attendees can see devices from different vendors seamlessly integrated in an interactive demo workflow. Devices in the demo include hardware and software panels, playout systems, multiviewers and measurement equipment.

As the entire industry moves towards the adoption of open standards like IS-07, Pebble invites broadcasters to witness the clear benefits that these latest open IP control standards will bring.

At NAB 2019, on booth SL4528