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Abu Dhabi Sports enhances live HD experience

Mohamed Najeeb, Head of the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.

Abu Dhabi Sports announced that it is the first free-to-air broadcaster in the Middle East to produce and broadcast live HD in Dolby Digital Plus (DD+) surround sound.

Using the latest technology for HD and Dolby sound, Abu Dhabi Sports channels Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 1 and Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 2 are now broadcasting in HD with Dolby Digital Plus sound, while Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya Extra is now showing programmes in HD using the “Stereo” sound technique. All additional AD Sports channels will continue with the standard broadcasting service, but with new improvements to image quality.

Mohamed Najeeb, Head of the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel, said: “The unique experience of watching a sports game in Dolby surround sound really brings the thrill of the match in to your home. Watching the Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya Channels with cinematic surround sound and HD technology will be closest thing to actually being there.”

“We are pleased to be working with Dolby to utilise their cutting-edge sound techniques in live broadcasting, to bring this amazing experience to our viewers around the world. This is the first time this technology has been used in the Middle East on free to air channels. The technology was previously used last year to broadcast some games on our paid platform, Channel 8, but now we have adopted it as our basic broadcasting technique for Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya channels, with viewers able to choose between the available channels sounds,” added Najeeb.

Abu Dhabi Sports, has been broadcasting much of its international programming in Dolby Digital since August 2010 for Abu Dhabi Sports network subscribers- including the Barclays Premiere League, Formula One and WWE.