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Abu Dhabi’s economic department cracks down on illegal satellite television receivers

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Abu Dhabi has confiscated free-to-air satellite television receivers from a shop in Abu Dhabi during an inspection campaign last week. The Gulf News reported that the seized equipment was found to contravene the federal laws pertaining to broadcasting and telecommunications.

The action was part of DED’s ongoing campaign to clamp down on illegally encrypted receivers in the capital that breach the laws and regulations of the Emirates.

Media reports quoted the department as calling on all members of the UAE society not to use these devices and to pull down free satellite television signals, because it may expose them to commercial fraud and can have legal repercussions for them.

The DED pointed out that the state’s national telecommunications companies provide the services legally and stressed the importance of respecting intellectual property and related rights, which are safeguarded by UAE’s laws and regulations.

The department stressed, as per the media reports that it would continue its inspection campaigns to stop the circulation of these illegal devices and seek to prosecute those who break the laws of the country.