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Akamai acquires Janrain’s Identity Cloud

Akamai Technologies, a platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, has acquired Janrain, a company that pioneered the Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM). This acquisition has integrated Janrain’s Identity Cloud into the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform is expected to provide immediate security benefits to CIAM customers in two critical areas: bot management and threat intelligence.


The acquisition is expected to help Akamai’s customers establish and maintain digital trust among users by providing a secure and resilient environment for collecting and storing sensitive user information, managing privacy controls, defending against identity fraud, and improving engagement and brand loyalty.


Commenting on the acquisition, Rick McConnell, President of Akamai Technologies and General Manager of Akamai’s web division, said: “It is challenging to conduct business online without an inherent and expected level of digital trust. Janrain’s Identity Cloud, and Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform, will offer added security to customers to know more about their end users and potentially drive additional revenues from that deepened relationship.”


This integrated technology will be designed to enable highly accurate, scalable, and secure risk-based adaptive authentication solutions to safeguard against malicious account activities including fraudulent account creation and credential compromise.


Speaking about the integration, Jim Kaskade, Chief Executive Officer, Janrain, added: “Janrain has been focused on creating an innovative solution for establishing digital trust through authentication and authorisation for each individual consumer and even connected devices that interact with a digital enterprise. By combining Akamai’s Intelligent Edge Platform with Janrain’s Identity Cloud, we believe we can realize the promise of delivering a more accurate and sophisticated customer identity management solution and enable trusted digital experiences that are unique for every user.”