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Al Ain Film Festival offers $81,670 in prize money to winning entries

Amer Salmeen Al Murry.

The first Al Ain Film Festival will be held from 30 April to 3 May in Al Ain. It will showcase movies from the UAE and award prize money worth a total of $81,670 (AED 300,000) to filmmakers.

Speaking exclusively to BroadcastPro ME, Amer Salmeen Al Murry, Director of the Al Ain Film Festival, said: “The festival is our attempt to showcase regional movies and place Al Ain on the map of tourism in the UAE and globally. It offers filmmakers a great chance to showcase their movies in the feature, documentary or commentary genres. The festival has competitions in various categories for Emiratis, residents and children. We want to offer a chance to everybody through the festival to hone their filmmaking skills. Filmmaking is not easy to undertake, and that’s why we are offering the prize money. We want to encourage well-made, quality movies that can go to festivals and showcase the region globally.”

The festival’s official competitions include the Emirati Falcon Award for best long movie; this will be awarded to the winning film’s director and is worth $13,610. Additionally, an award of $5,445 will be given to the best actor/actress in the winning film, and the Best Short Film Award is valued at $10,890 and will be given to the director. In this category, an additional $6,806 will be granted to a winner by the judging committee, and the best actor in the winning film will be granted $2,722.

The festival has instituted many competitions, which are open to all UAE residents with an interest in making quality films. The list can be found on their website.