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Al Arabiya shows global warming impact in augmented reality

Al Arabiya put global warming in focus at its studios last week when it created an immersive augmented reality (AR) scenario using the lake at Dubai Media City to show how global warming may impact the Gulf region. The effects included creating storms with strong wind and rain to bring an element of reality into the broadcast.

To showcase the effects realistically, rain and wind appeared to batter the camera and Al Arabiya’s HQ as the presenter spoke about storms across the world. The storm then gradually transforms into a typhoon that swallows vehicles, giving viewers a look at what happens below the surface of the water.

Speaking to BroadcastProME, Fadi Radi, the Creative Head at Al Arabiya revealed: “The segment’s 3D graphics were powered by Vizrt’s Viz Engine and created in Viz Virtual Studio with camera tracking by Stype. Our effort was to show how global warming and changing weather condition may impact the larger Gulf region. We will continue the series to show the impact of changing weather and global warming on the environment in this region.”

The video reportedly received a lot of traction on social media with numerous views and shares.

“The impact of our augmented reality scenario was widely shared on social media. Within few hours of going live, the video received tens of thousands of views on our social platforms,” added Radi.

The special segment took close to four weeks to produce. Between preparations and filming, the AR global warming production, saw teams work on the idea in between their jobs.