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Anghami transforms audio ads with real-time consumer impact

Addressing more than 200 media representatives at Anghami’s Audio Day, Elie Habib, co-founder and CTO of Anghami.

Anghami, a prominent music streaming company in the MENA region, has introduced global technology in the area of ad-supported music streaming that the company claims will transform a listener’s experience.

Anghami is driving the change through its “Dynamic Creative Audio Ads” and “Programmatic Audio Ads” along with “Research-Enabled Audio offerings”.

The new technology will help brands and creative agencies connect with consumers through relevant messages and tailor them in real-time. Anghami’s new tools were launched on 11 September 2017, at the company’s regional “Audio Day” conference, organised with the support of its media representatives DMS, the digital arm of Choueiri Group.

The technology will help brands target consumers in real-time with personalised messages based on weather, time of day, location, device and the music they’re listening to. The programmatic tools allow for real-time consumer reach across all their devices. The data communicated allows consumers to provide their feedback and preferences. This flow of data going through the platform can generate, as per Anghami representatives, research-enabled audio offerings that are best suited to brands strategies.

Addressing more than 200 representatives of media agencies in the region at Anghami’s Audio Day, Elie Habib, co-founder and CTO of Anghami said: “Many brands are recognising that content, context and data-driven marketing is a great way to keep consumers engaged, and Anghami continues to expand and innovate to offer them the latest breakthroughs. These new tools will allow us to customise a more personal experience for our listeners while providing customers with third-party research on the impact of their campaigns.”

Since its launch, Anghami’s catalogue has expanded to more than 26 million songs, and its user base is expected to reach 55 million by the end of this year. Anghami, as per Eli Habib, generates 750 million streams per month with revenue growing at a rate of 250% to 300% a year and is forecast to exceed $20 million this year.

Commenting on the targeted nature of the service, Elie Abou Saleh, Commercial Director at Anghami added: “The dynamic creative technology can scale a personalised experience while allowing marketers to target listeners not only based on demographics but also targeting psychographics. Brands can record a script with multiple message variations, release ads in an automated way across devices and measure impact based on the consumer’s context and other data.”

With a current count of around 53m users with an average of 80 minutes a day per user and aiming for 101 minutes towards year end, DMS’ Chief Operating Officer, Michel Malkoun, said: “These innovative solutions challenge the status quo and facilitate the development while enabling DMS and Anghami to push the envelope and continue to drive advancements forward.”