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Appear TV promotes modular X platform at CABSAT 2018

Appear TV will be exhibiting the capabilities of its modular X platform. Built to handle bitrates in the uncompressed domain as well as compression in the contribution market, it supports TICO, JPEG2000, AVC and HEVC with a reported ultra-low-delay mode. Interoperability and standards compliance is a key asset of the platform. It has specifically been designed for an IP-based or satellite infrastructure, where the satellite modulator and demodulator supports the higher order modulation schemes.

For IP-based systems, the platform has a default video firewalling functionality for seamless and secure video handling of multiple streams simultaneously. Encoding and decoding is supported within a single application. Redundancy is ensured through an intuitive user interface where control is achieved by external scheduling and monitoring of all operation.

Visit Appear TV at CABSAT at Stand # ZB65-B61