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ARRI remembers Thomas Popp

Thomas Popp.

The executive board at ARRI mourn the loss of Thomas Popp, an ARRI employee, who passed away on December 3 this year. The board remembered him and looked back with gratitude on what he achieved and their time spent together.

Popp began his apprenticeship at ARRI at the tender age of 14 as a precision mechanic and remained with the company for over 55 years. He held various positions in the sales department of ARRI Cinetechnik and supported ARRI´s first digital products: the ARRILASER and the ARRISCAN. In 2003 he was appointed Sales Director Camera & Digital Intermediate Systems and granted commercial procuration. From 2004 on, together with Sigrid Mueller, he was Co-Managing Director of ARRI Lighting Solutions in Berlin, which was responsible for the lighting systems business and sales of lighting products in the EMEAI region.

Remembering Thomas Popp, Professor Franz Kraus, long-time Executive Board Member and now member of the Supervisory Board of ARRI said: “Wherever Thomas Popp has worked for ARRI, he represented the company with his commitment, his positivity, and with his personal modesty. He was a true ARRIan in the best sense of the word.”

Even after his official retirement, Thomas Popp was still associated with ARRI and the film industry. Most recently, Thomas Popp was featured in ARRI`s video interview series The Filmmaker´s View and took part in the celebrations for the company’s centennial in 2017.