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Belden to acquire Grass Valley for US $220 million

Signal transmission solutions provider Belden Inc. will purchase Grass Valley for a reported US $220 million and combine it with Miranda to give customers access to a complete end-to-end solution, according to a press statement on Grass Valley’s web site. BroadcastPro ME had tweeted earlier last month that Belden was in the process of acquiring a company. Grass Valley’s present head Tim Thorsteinson will step down and Miranda’s President Marco Lopez will head the combined businesses, which will come under the name of Grass Valley.

An FAQ published on the Grass Valley web site explained that the company was acquired along with Miranda because both “are world-class companies that provide the broadcast industry with technically-advanced products of the highest quality and standards”.

“By combining intellectual property, engineering talent, market access and manufacturing capacity, customers will have access to the most complete, innovative product offering available. Belden believes that the ability to purchase an end-to-end solution from the combined businesses will reduce complexity and increase functionality, ease-of-setup, and maintenance and operability. In addition, you will have access to the most comprehensive, innovative products in the broadcast infrastructure industry through one organisation,” it stated.