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Broadcast Solutions delivers OB trucks to Turkmenistan TV

Each set of production vehicles delivered consists of an OB trailer, support tender, generator vehicle and an SNG.

In cooperation with Turkish company Polimeks, Broadcast Solutions GmbH has delivered a fleet to Turkmenistan TV, consisting of 16 vehicles (4 sets) in two phases of construction. Each set of production vehicles delivered consists of an OB trailer, support tender, generator vehicle and an SNG.

The last set, delivered this year, is conducted entirely in UHD. Polimeks is the general contractor for the Ashgabat Olympic Complex in Turkmenistan and coordinates all broadcast facilities on-site. All production resources were deployed at the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games that took place in September 2017 at Ashgabat Olympic Complex, Turkmenistan. Besides delivering the OB Vans to Turkmenistan TV, Broadcast Solutions was on-site during the competitions to support the production and the teams.

 In 2015, Broadcast Solutions delivered the first two sets of eight production vehicles to Polimeks Turkmenistan. Each set consisted of an HD-OB Van for 11-15 camera productions, support van, generator van and an SNG. The large-scale contract was completed in 2017 with the delivery of the last two sets of vehicles. In readiness for the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in September 2017 the last two sets were delivered to the customer. To protect the vehicles all trucks were put on a flatbed truck to be transported to the customer. Part of the last set was an UHD/4K OB Van with 15 cameras – the first ever 4K OB Van in the Central-Asian country.

On completing the project, Wladislaw Grabowski, COO at Broadcast Solutions and project manager stated: “This project was the continuation of our successful collaboration with Polimeks and Turkmenistan TV. Although the schedule was very tight, and we completed building all eight vehicles in a record-breaking time of only seven months, we accomplished this project without any compromise on quality or on cutting-edge technology.”

Keeping in mind the extreme climatic conditions in the region, Broadcast Solutions deployed insulation solutions plus put to use powerful air condition systems . Both the OB Vans can be switched to generator mode interruption-free, in case electricity failure occurs. The two SNG units (Volkswagen T6) transmit over dual band feed (extended-Ku / Ku) and thus can utilise conventional as well as Turkmenistan’s own satellite.