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CETel and Arabsat to offer business continuity services at CABSAT

Arabsat has partnered with CETel, a German provider of global managed end-to-end communications solutions, to offer exclusive business continuity services. Building on a long-lasting relationship, the two partners have developed a product that helps safeguard the existing networks of customers for redundancy, back-up and security reasons.

Big Data and permanent connectivity requirements have made service availability the heart of every operation and no organisation is willing to rely on a single string when it comes to connectivity and communications.

Besides historical voice and data applications, communications for Machine to Machine (M2M), Internet of Things (IoT) or Critical Applications is becoming more and more crucial for the customer’s network infrastructure; this and the permanent growing complexity of global communications networks makes the permanent availability mandatory.

Offering business continuity services that reflect the various back-up requirements for each customer and are cost-efficient at the same time, has been the key influencer when developing the service.

Customers can now select out of different service levels, depending on their individual back-up needs and often, the service includes periods of free-usage. The service is initially offered on, but not limited to, the ARABSAT-5C satellite, located at 20° East.

As opposed to traditional back-up links, this newly launched product, according to the two companies’s claims, features uncontended services at agreed levels that come at a fraction of the usual service investment. Arabsat and CETel state that organisations with high connectivity requirements will welcome this service to obtain higher security standards in their communications infrastructure.

“We are thrilled to include such an important service into our product and services portfolio. The requests for the provision of reliable and cost-effective back-up services are permanently growing. This innovative service enables our customers to enhance their network and connectivity performance, also supporting them to further expand and secure their core businesses,” commented Guido Neumann, Managing Director at CETel.

“Teaming up with Arabsat, we are able to offer such a service. In our long-standing and fruitful partnership with Arabsat, we have found the perfect fit for this growing and essential demand, he added.

Khalid Balkheyour, President & CEO at Arabsat commented: “CETel has been our long entrusted and distinguished partner. We have always strived to provide high-quality satellite-based solutions to their customers. With the ever-growing requirements of permanent connectivity, the Business Continuity Solution will increase our customers’ confidence in our services.”

CETel and Arabsat are promoting their new Business Continuity Services at CABSAT, which begins today.