Channel D owner flees UAE leaving employees stranded

Due to the channel’s mounting losses, Channel D owner has reportedly fled the UAE leaving behind distressed employees, who haven’t been paid for a number of months.

The Indian owner of a Dubai-based Malayalam TV station, Channel D has fled the UAE due to mounting financial losses, leaving employees in disarray, as reported by UAE daily Gulf News.

Allegedly, a senior staff of Channel D in a statement to Gulf News said: “We had not been paid for months but in the hope of a turnaround, the dozen-odd staffers lumbered on. Nobody expected the end to come so soon.

Additionally, the report stated that employees were told a new investor would come on board and take care of all their liabilities.

Although Channel D’s office on 2nd December street has been shut down, the channel continues to run repeats of old shows until its contract with Etisalat expires at the end of May 2019.

Launched in 2017, Channel D entered the market promising its viewers a “new benchmark in the Middle East television industry”. The company’s Kochi facility in India has also been reportedly shut down.