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Digital content revenues estimated to reach $250bn: Juniper research

Digital content revenues are expected to reach $250bn in 2019, up $23bn from last year, according to a report titled ‘Digital Content Business Models: OTT & Telco Strategies 2019-2023’ from Juniper Research. The report, which analyses the business models that operators, service providers, OTTs and billing providers are embracing to determine adaptive strategies to survive in this rapidly changing sector, explores the transition in consumption patterns means for both old and new players, and what that implies for optimal monetisation of digital content.

Among other growth areas, the report suggests that the games revenue will be responsible for 40% of the total content revenues in 2019 at $99bn, while video content revenues will reach $94bn in 2019.

The report discusses the market landscape, showcasing how OTTs and telcos are disrupting the status quo through the acquisition of sporting content and esports rights.