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Dubai-based Arabian Radio Network unveils multi-media hub

The Arabian Radio Network has unveiled its new headquarters in Dubai Media City. The facility includes more than 41 multi-platform radio, production and visual studios.

ARN’s new operational hub in Dubai Media City is reportedly built for a multiplatform era, with more than 50 cameras capturing the on-air content, entertaining and informing consumers via social media platforms and the stations websites.

The network is continuing its programme of investment with the upgrade of its transmitter at AlMas Tower, and is broadcasting from its secondary transmission site at Emirates Towers.

The new ARN headquarters unifies the network into one single media hub so the content creators, marketing, sales, finance, broadcast technology and management functions all operate from one site, including the recently launched MPN sales division.

Commenting on the new facilities, Mahmoud al Rasheed, General Manager of ARN said: “Millions of listeners from more than 200 nationalities rely on ARN for their entertainment and news. We are an integral part of the quality of life of UAE citizens and residents as we broadcast in multiple languages in this cosmopolitan country. This new facility brings together the worlds best equipment, offering our broadcasters a multi-platform environment to produce content for our websites and for social media, simultaneously. We have been motivated from our inspiring leaders vision where they aim to provide the perfect platform for innovation and introduce smart services in both the public and private sectors.”

The building houses 12 on-air studios, featuring touch screen and mixer solutions and 28 digital production suites for audio and video production. The new studios include more than 150 touchscreens and panels allowing presenters instant control and customisation of all aspects of their broadcast and features sophisticated video and audio IP deployments, the release stated.

ARN broadcasts 185 news bulletins a day. The new ARN media hub unites the Arabic, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Farsi and Tagalog language radio newsrooms through a dedicated multilingual news hub capturing video and audio feeds from all over the world and updating listeners with the latest breaking news, the release stated.

The video production agency Blaze, part of ARN, is also based in the new site and includes a 1000 sqft live recording studio, with operational TV production gallery and four video editing suites.

The site also includes What the company claims is the world’s first Studer Glacier multi-studio installation and the largest Studer mixer and core installation in the Middle East.

ARN broadcasts 18 radio stations including nine FM brands to more than 200 nationalities a day, representing the range of communities that live in the country including Al Khaleejiya 100.9, Al Arabiya 99, Virgin Radio Dubai 104.4, Dubai 92, Dubai Eye 103.8, City 1016, Hit 96.7, Radio Shoma 93.4 and Tag 91.1.

Independent polling company Nielsen, audited by PWC has reportedly revealed that ARN reaches more than 4.56m listeners a week, representing 54% of the entire UAE population over the age of 10.