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Dubai producer Kinjal Tanna revamps studio for industry in transition

Kinjal Tanna,  ‎Producer, Mumbai-based Whacky Films & Dubai-based production and post-production studio, KKDD Film Production LLC

After a six-year working break in Mumbai where he produced around 65 commercial films , Kinjal Tanna has returned to his home base, Dubai, with a newly revamped studio, KKDD Film Production LLC, with facilities for both production and post-production.

Speaking to BroadcastPro ME, about his homecoming, Tanna said, “There is an amazing amount of work to be done in Dubai despite what the sceptics say. A lot of the work has shifted to digital. We have clients who have two-week campaigns and they are not looking at a typical $200,000 commercial that will run for six months, they would rather spend 10-15% of that budget for the short period of time.”

Besides adjusting to an industry in transition, Tanna had to revamp an existing studio.

“A lot of the equipment and software were outdated. We had to upgrade everything from protools and FCP to the Da Vinci Resolve software. We did a couple of hardware upgrades as well. Our consultant was Mediacast. They evaluated the studio and advised us on what we needed.

“Today we work on the latest FCP and Adobe platforms. For audio, we have Pro Tools. We are fully geared to handle all types of post production and CG along with lip sync, radio commercials, jingles, music composition, language dubbing facilities and so on. For colour grading, we have Da Vinci Resolve. We have tied up with a Mumbai-based company called Nube Studio. In case, the colourist is not able to come down for a project, we send the project across and do remote grading as well.  We have a basic camera and light set up that allows us to do digital films and TV commercials. Lately, we have been doing a lot of commercials on hair and skin with the films having been shot in Bangkok and Mumbai for the Middle East Market.

“In Dubai, I see us collaborating with agencies, production companies and equipment suppliers to offer an end-to-end solution for a market constrained by limited budgets. Between the Middle East and India, we have access to some of the best international talent of Directors/Dops from across the globe which we could offer to agencies here.”

Software and equipment upgrades

Audio Suite :

  • Software  : Avid Protools 12 HD
  • Source Connect
  • Hardware : Pro tools HD Native
  • Focusrite RED 4Pre (Audio Interface)
  • Focusrite ISA optical card
  • System  : Mac Pro
  • 3GHz 8Core Intel Xeon E5 Processor
  • 32GB 1866 MHz DDR3 RAM
  • AMD Firepro D700 6GB Graphics
  • G-Force 8TB External Storage
  • Eizo EV2450 24” Display

Video Suite:

  • Software  : Apple FCP 10.3
  • Adobe CC Suite 2017
  • Hardware : Focusrite RED 4Pre (Audio Interface)
  • Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio 4K
  • System : Mac Pro
  • 2.7 GHz 12 Core Intel Xeon E5 Processor
  • 64GB 1866 MHz DDR3 RAM
  • AMD Firepro D700 6GB Graphics
  • Eizo EV2450 24” Display

Colour Grading :

  • Software  : Da Vinci Resolve 12.5
  • Adobe CC Suite 2017
  • System : iMac 24” 5K
  • 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7
  • 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4
  • Radeon Pro 576 4 GB Graphics
  • G-Force 8TB External Storage
  • Tangentwave Element colour grading interface.