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Dubai’s UBMS conducts ARRI Stellar workshop

The workshop in progress.

United Broadcast & Media Solutions (UBMS) conducted an ARRI Stellar Lighting Control Workshop, on October 10 at the United Broadcast Training Academy. The three-hour hands-on workshop conducted by Richard Lackey, Business Development Manager and Instructor at the academy, was aimed at broadcast professionals interested in learning how to network ARRI Skypanel and L-Series lights, and use the Stellar control app for intelligent wireless control on set.

In attendance were lighting and broadcast professionals from production houses, studios and rental houses in the UAE. The workshop focussed on how to intuitively control the lights from phone or tablet and learn how to configure a WiFi router for control of a cabled network of ARRI SkyPanels. Among the products and solutions covered by Lackey were the ARRI Skypanel Firmware Version 4, the ARRI SkyLink Wireless DMX and the ARRI Stellar App.

Speaking to BroadcastPro ME, Lackey said: “This technology is significant. It allows DoPs and gaffers to have far more control on lights on set. It is quicker because with one application on the tablet you can change the settings instead of having to go and manually adjust every single light. We believe it is the beginning of a significant trend.”

One of the attendees, Karsten Herrera Loffler , a freelance gaffer for rental house Gamma Engineering said: “I was here to understand what could be achieved and the extent of control one can have over the lights. The workshop was very useful in this regard.”