EFSSR launches ‘Cima Masr’ project that aims to build 55 new cinemas in Egypt

Credits: Cima Masr Facebook page.

The Egyptian Foundation for Strategic Studies & Research (EFSSR) has announced the launch of a three-year project titled ‘Cima Masr’, which aims to produce eight to 10 original films a year and to construct 55 street cinemas across 27 governorates with affordable tickets, as reported by local dailies.

Commenting on the initiative, Hany Ghoneim, Founder and Chairman, EFSSR, stated: “The foundation research conducted by us at EFSSR shows a profound lack of entertainment areas as 250 film theatres were shut down over the last decade and were replaced by commercial or residential projects.”

“Our target audience, 15 to 45-year-old Egyptians, represents some 15 million citizens, which is around 10% of the population in each governorate, who remain in need of affordable, well-equipped means of entertainment. The information we gathered drove our collective enthusiasm to cater to those needs in an efficient, new, and sustainable manner,” he added, emphasising the objective of reviving the significant role of Egyptian cinema in our society, as well as its contribution to the development of the Egyptian identity.”

A ticket at any of the planned theatres should cost “a reasonable EGP 10. Meanwhile, each theatre will hold an audience of 345, including 24 spots for physically challenged persons”.

The EFSSR, established in 2017, is an independent, non-profit establishment that works towards the development of a modern understanding of corporate, social, and educational awareness, and aims to become the largest strategic research centre in the Middle East, as described by the organisation.

Speaking on the need for efficient entertainment facilities, Business Development Manager, Cima Masr, Hady El-Bagoury, added: “We are keen to foster an environment where local artists are able to implement their skills; whether it’s scriptwriting, acting, casting, or directing, we make sure they have the appropriate guidance as well as the means of facilitating their endeavour.”

As announced, construction of the first phase of the three-year project, which will comprise 20 theatres, is planned to start in August 2019, with the “grand opening of all 55 components set for the Q1 of 2020”.