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Emirati artist Samar Al Shamsi to debut in A Tale of Shadows: Illusions

In her first film, Al Shamsi will play the role of Maitha in the second instalment of Emirati Director Tariq Al Kazim’s thriller series, set in the UAE featuring a diverse cast.

Samar Al Shamsi, perhaps best known for her artistic works is set to bring her creativity to the movie screen in Tariq Al Kazim’s film A Tale of Shadows Illusions.

The Emirati artist is transitioning from arts to movies after receiving many international awards.

Some of her famous works include a painting of HH Sheikh Zayed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and US President Barack Obama who’s portrait is hanging in the White House now.

In her first feature film, Al Shamsi is playing the role of Maitha in A Tale of Shadows: Illusions the second instalment of Emirati director Tariq Al Kazim’s chilling series.

The sequel to the film A Tale of Shadows follows the story of a young girl who mysteriously appears in a hospital, her clothes covered in blood.

The film starts with Detective Hamdan, heading to a dangerous farm in a remote area seeking to discover answers in regard to the girl’s father mysterious disappearance. He then becomes trapped in the farm while a journalist (Sophia) is also heading there looking to uncover the best story of her journalist life. His wife (Maitha) is trying to figure out through their last conversation why her husband is not returning back home anymore.

Al Shamsi joins the internationally acclaimed cast as Maitha, the wife of Detective Hamdan. She supports her husband in preparing for his new assignment, but when Hamdan fails to come home on time, Maitha fills with dread. Not one to leave her husband’s life up to fate, Maitha takes the situation into her own hands.

While Al Shamsi has starred in a number of television commercials, A Tale of Shadows: Illusions will be her movie debut. Her passion for art and storytelling has drawn Al Shamsi to stretch her creativity with the film.

Commenting on working alongside the artist, Tariq Al Kazim, Director, A Tale of Shadows: Illusions said: “Working with Samar is a delight. She brings her artistic sensibilities and creativity to the set every day and often sees things in a different way that adds to the depth of her character and to the film as a whole. We are very happy that she accepted to be part of this amazing story.”

Alongside local talent such as Al Shamsi, A Tale of Shadows: Illusions brings together a host of talent from around the world, including Romanian actor Hristu Trica as John and American actress Elizabeth Gardner, known best for her role in the 1993 film Indecent Proposal. Gardner will be playing Diana. Nigerian actor Chuka Ekweogwu returns to the franchise as “The Stranger”, while German actress Arzu Neuwirth chills audiences with her role as “The Woman in White”.

Swedish actor Almer Agmyren portrays the film’s “Mysterious figure” and the film sequel welcomes Award-winning Romanian actor Robert Cristian Trif, set to play “The Farmer and also co-producer of the film.

A Tale of Shadows: Illusions will be out in cinemas at the beginning of Jan 2020.