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Emirati filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja announces new studio

Nayla Al Khaja heads to Cannes to pitch her first feature film to producers from across the world.

Emirati filmmaker and CEO of Nayla Al Khaja Films LLC (NAKF), Nayla Al Khaja, made several announcements on the eve of the opening of Cannes Film Festival 2018 including the rebranding of her company, previously known as D-Seven Motion Pictures to Nayla Al Khaja Films, and the launch of her Creative Studio at Sidra Tower, Dubai. Both announcements are in line with company’s new strategic decisions and its future development.

On this occasion, Al Khaja also announced that she has been chosen to pitch her first feature film to some of the most influential decision-makers at The Producers Network at Cannes. She is the first Emirati to be chosen to be part of the Producers Network. This edition of the event will run from May 9-14. For more than 15 years, this programme has been facilitating connections between cinema professionals to help boost film projects. Every year, the event welcomes more than 500 producers from all across the world for a series of meetings and events designed to encourage international co-productions and networking.

Speaking about the opportunity, Al Khaja said: “This is a tremendous opportunity, not only for the UAE film industry, but also for me as a film Director, as it is a first in the history of the United Arab Emirates. I’m extremely grateful to the international film professionals from different backgrounds who selected my project with the DIFF organisers, thus giving me a chance to become the voice of my fellow citizens and Emirati filmmakers in such a prestigious gathering.”

Al Khaja’s studio will not only serve as an incubator for her ongoing and future projects, but also look to provide a creative hub for other local talents. This new working space will eventually provide wannabe filmmakers and content creators with a place where they can discuss their projects, receive advice and occasionally develop projects under the supervision of an experienced team and the support of Canon Middle East, whom Al Khaja as represented as an Ambassador for the past seven years.

The studio will also enable NAKF to showcase its expertise to potential and existing clients and contribute to the promotion of the UAE film industry.

“I have been blessed to find such a nice and well-served space, redesigned with the support of IDdesign and KARE. I really wanted to create a space where both my team and our visitors would feel at home and the IDdesign and KARE teams were really helpful in the selection of the right furniture and accessories and in the overall set-up for the studio. I don’t think I could have found a better location and better partners for my plans. The studio, its enhanced efficiencies and our equipment graciously provided by Canon Middle East, will help us continue to grow and develop to keep pace with our clients’ needs, allowing us to provide exceptional value and premium service along the way,” concluded Nayla Al Khaja.