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Emirati-Saudi-Egyptian comedy film “Ba’ad el Khamis” brings together Arab comedians

The first ever Emirati-Saudi-Egyptian film, directed by Saudi Haidar Samir al-Nasser, Ba’ad el Khamis (After Thursday) will feature a diverse cast with talents from the MENA region. Comedian Talaat Zakaria of Egypt has been in the process of filming his shots in key locations within Abu Dhabi, according to reports in Egyptian newspapers.

The plot tells the story of two spoiled brothers who live a life of luxury owing to their father’s wealth. After the death of their father, the turn of events that unfolds in this family, sets the tone of this comedy series. The father leaves his inheritance and sons’ guardianship to his brother.

Commenting on the nature of the film, Saudi Director Haidar Samir al-Nasser stated that the film is a social comedy, that highlights customs and traditions. Al-Nasser added that the film is dedicated to the new generation, and will be executed in a new and contemporary way; promising a cinematic production that will mark the Arabian peninsula on the global stage.

The film features a number of Arab comedians, including Talaat Zakaria from Egypt, Abdallah al-Jemeiry, Milla al-Zahrany and Mohamed Hashim from KSA, Mansour al-Faily, Bilal Abdullah, Ali Tamimi and Jihan Anwar from the UAE, Dalida Khalil from Lebanon and finally Bassam Ali from Syria.