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Empire International and Synergy Films sign exclusive deal

Chairman of Empire International Gulf Mario Haddad attends the Meet The Egyptian Stars press conference hosted by Empire International and Synergy Films on day two of the 14th annual Dubai International Film Festival.

Film distributor Empire International and Egyptian production company, Synergy Films, have announced an exclusive three-year deal at DIFF 2017. According to the deal, Empire will serve as the sole distributor of Synergy Films’ lineup of movies in the Middle East. The contract also stipulates that Synergy will provide Empire with nine films every year for the next three years.

The announcement was made by Empire’s CEO and Chairman of the Board, Mario Georges Haddad, and Ahmed Badawy, General Manager of Synergy Films. Also present at the press conference were Mario Jr. Haddad of Empire, Synergy’s Executive Producer Yasser Howaidy as well as Egyptian stars, Mohamed Adel Emam and Ahmad Fahmy.

The first production that has been announced as part of this deal is Laylat Hana WaSrour, starring Mohamed Adel Emam, which is scheduled for an Eid Al Fitr release. Also in the offing is Ahmed Al Gendi’s El Ze’eb Wal Onsa, starring Ahmad Fahmy, scheduled to be released for Eid Al Adha.

Press conference hosted by Empire International and Synergy Films at DIFF.

“This marks the first time that an Egyptian Studio is collaborating with a Middle East distributor on a regular basis, which is quite uncommon for Arab Studios,” commented Mario Haddad.

“This will allow us to work with Synergy continuously and we are confident that this partnership will help bring back the Golden Age of Egyptian cinema thanks to an intelligent and modern distribution pattern, which was sadly missing when Egyptian films were being distributed independently,” Haddad said.

He commented that Empire has been the distributor of several Hollywood and Bollywood films in the Middle East and will aim to use the same standards to raise the profile of Arab cinema in the region.

“Synergy’s General Manager, Ahmed Badaway added that he hopes that this agreement would help “Egyptian cinema achieve success also on the international scene”.