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Etisalat to offer parental control device in UAE

UAE-based telecom group Etisalat has announced  that it will exclusively offer the ‘Circle with Disney’ parental control device for all customers in the country.

This initiative was a result of Etisalat’s partnership with Circle Media Labs, a developer of products used by families to manage all their connected devices.

“We have always strived to give great value to our customers with high-quality products, and Circle with Disney is a seamless fit,” said Khalid El Khouly, Chief Consumer Officer, Etisalat. “Cyber security is a grave concern for parents today and offering customers a way to monitor and filter content is going to change how the internet is used in many households.”

‘Circle with Disney’ allows parents to control how long their children are online and filter which sites they can access to keep them safe online.

“Managing kids on devices is a global issue,” said Lance Charlish, CEO, Circle Media Labs. “You’ll find parents who are looking for ways to manage their kids’ content and screen time, and Circle is that answer, both inside and outside the home.”

Circle with Disney, an app, is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

This includes creating daily time limits for apps and websites, setting individual filter levels for each family member, scheduling bedtime for each connected device, and pausing the internet by device or by user with the press of a button. Parents can reportedly manage user profiles and settings, and customise them based on kids’ ages and parents’ preferences