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EXCLUSIVE: Al Arabiya announces AR app prototype to offer 360 degree news perspective

Showcased at the Arab Media Forum, the 360 app prototype uses augmented reality to allow the viewer to move in and around an event that Al Arabiya is reporting on, offering an interactive news environment.
Fadi Radi.

Al Arabiya is changing how viewers consume news with its new Alarabiya 360 App. To be launched in 2019, the app prototype was recently displayed at the Arab Media Forum. The main concept behind the app is the use of augmented reality to tell stories and create a world of interactivity for users.

Speaking about the prototype, Fadi Radi, Head of Creative at Al Arabiya Network, said: “This is a unique concept that has been used for the first time in news. The app will incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to offer relevant information to viewers. The app has been developed in-house and uses ARkit technologies from Apple and Android.”

The app combines AI and machine learning to offer users information about important landmarks, which are delivered through augmented reality. Users may scan the landmark or the predefined location that will pop up while using the application to get an archive video of what Alarabiya has covered for that location and provide information.

Explaining the working of the app, Radi added: “The app will show users relevant content on what Al Arabiya has covered on the subject or place they are exploring. The user will be able to watch related Al Arabiya videos covering the place. The application will give the user the same experience in showing augmented reality objects everywhere using the same 3D objects as shown in Al Arabiya studios.”

The App is not available yet for download.