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Filmquip Media announces availability of ULTRA motocrane

Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, the ULTRA has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any compact arm. Equipped with its three-axis Isolator, it supports stabilised heads during aggressive use on the field.

Dubai-based rental house, Filmquip Media, now has the world’s most versatile remote arm with the addition of the ULTRA motocrane to its inventory. Presently, Filmquip Media is the only rental house that owns the ULTRA in the region.

The ULTRA is built for off-road performance and is suitable for various weather conditions.

Its three-axis Isolator keeps stabilised heads undisturbed during aggressive use on the track. Additionally, the ULTRA can be mounted on various kinds of vehicles such as cars, trucks, UTV’s and boats.

Adding to its portability and simplicity, the new motocrane supports all types of dynamic film and TV sets, such as TV series, TV commercial, feature film and more.

In a statement, Filmquip Media said: “ULTRA is a compact, flexible and cost effective Arm that replaces the old-fashioned tracking vehicle which is presently used for most dynamic shoots. We can ship the solution in just six cases to any part of the region.”