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FNG announces people’s choice programming for Ramadan

Fox Networks Group (FNG) has announced a line-up of democratized programming this Ramadan.

With a ‘People’s Choice’ approach, the network-enabled viewers from across the Middle East to vote for their preferred shows during the Holy month. In a two-month period, over 270,000 votes were captured from across the Arab world on FNG’s social media channels Facebook and Instagram.

Data insights allowed FNG to develop recommendation algorithms with pattern discovery and trend analysis based on historical data.

These helped FNG hone in on viewers’ preferred show genres and airing times. Cooking shows and reality TV series emerged as favourites. People preferred watching cooking shows between 4 pm to 6 pm, as they prepared Iftar meals. Series and dramas were preferred post 8 pm when viewers could relax with loved ones while watching their favourite TV shows.

FNG’s Democratized Programming is being shown on National Geographic Abu Dhabi, FOX, FOX Life, Star World HD, and Fox Movies HD channels.