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Fox Networks Group launches Fox Plus streaming service on MBC Group’s Shahid Plus and Jawwy TV

Sanjay Raina, GM and VP of Fox Networks MENA.

Fox Networks Group MENA (FNG MENA) has announced the launch of the Fox Plus streaming service, which will be available on MBC Group’s Shahid Plus platform as part of a three-year agreement. BroadcastPro Middle East can also reveal that Fox Plus will be available on Intigral’s brand new streaming platform, Jawwy TV.

While the addition of Fox content will significantly boost the content libraries of both platforms, this regional collaboration is also a strategic win for MBC and FNG MENA, who have long advocated the need to join hands to fight FAANG and other international players who are entering the regional market with premium content at low subscription rates.

With the two deals, both streaming services will add thousands of hours of Fox content including National Geographic documentaries, Fox Lifestyle shows, Baby TV, and global TV series and movies, as well as additional content across various other genres.

Speaking about the launch of Fox Plus, Sanjay Raina, General Manager and Senior Vice-President of FNG told BroadcastPro ME: “Fox Plus is a streaming service that has already been successfully rolled out in South East Asia and some parts of Latin America. By joining hands with Shahid Plus and Jawwy TV, we wanted to ensure that we remain an important part of the content portfolio that is reaching Arabic-speaking audiences.”

Speaking about the deal with MBC, Raina said: “We are proud to be working with a powerhouse like MBC Group. It’s the coming together of a global content leader and the largest international network in the region with the biggest media house in the Arab world. By bringing Fox Plus onto Shahid Plus, we are offering millions of viewers across MENA the content of their choice, at a place, time and device of their choosing. Ours is not only a high potential partnership that has exciting innovation and growth opportunities; it is one that is shaping the future of the Arab media landscape.”

Sam Barnett, CEO of MBC Group, added: “The Arabic-speaking content we present through Shahid Plus is unique and revolutionary across the region, something we have always been proud of. We’re incredibly excited to be collaborating with Fox Networks Group MENA to add thousands of hours of high-quality global content, consisting of series and award-winning National Geographic documentaries. This new agreement carries high ambitions and promising prospects befitting to our Shahid Plus audiences to whom we always promise more.”