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Gamma Engineering adds HME intercom to inventory

Gamma-Engineering1Gamma Engineering, a film and TV equipment rental house based in the Middle East has recently purchased HME DX300ES, wireless intercom communication system from Nicolaos M Kyvernitis Electronics Ent.

The purchased 5-Up DX300ES system with HS15 headsets includes one MB300ES base station, three BP300 beltpacks and three pouches, five HS15 single muff noise canceling headsets and two base station antennas. In addition the company acquired two more BP300 beltpacks with HS15 headset and MB300ES base station.

The 5-Up DX300ES offers hands-free two-channel mobile intercom system that is able to accommodate larger production crews. The system is suitable for live events and remote broadcast and movie/video production crews, due to its compact design that makes it highly portable, versatile and easy to set up and use. It allows users to select the 2.4 GHz operating frequency range (low, high or full band) to avoid frequency conflicts.

“I strongly believe that Gamma Engineering will be pleased with the portability and functionality of DX300ES system. The system is highly suitable for the outdoor environments and production companies that move around constantly, commented Abdul Hadi, HME/Clear-Com Product Specialist.

“The system operates on the license free frequency of 2.4 GHz and supports up to fifteen users who are able to select all or part of the operating frequency.”