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German-Kenyan co-production up for grabs at Kalasha and Series Mania markets

'Country Queen' travels to two film and broadcast markets looking for international funding and distribution partners at the Kalasha International TV and Film Market in Kenya and Series Mania in Lille France.

Good Karma Fiction has announced that it will be looking for international funding and distribution partners for Country Queen as the team attends the Kalasha International TV and Film Market in Nairobi Kenya, which begins today. The team will also be present at Series Mania in Lille France.

With the recent upswing in the global appetite for African content shown by major streaming and broadcast platforms, Country Queen is being looked at as a welcome East African entry into the international market. The series is a first for the region in terms of its narrative scope, production values and savvy scriptwriting.

Good Karma Fiction’s Peter Obrist said: “We are thrilled to be taking the pilot of Country Queen to both Kalasha and Series Mania. We expect major interest from international broadcasters and distributers who can understand and appreciate the global potential of this kind of unique African content.”

Country Queen, a new TV drama series produced as a joint German and Kenyan co-production focuses on the fast-paced and perilous world of Nairobi as well as that of the rural populations – who are mostly neglected when it comes to serious and riveting storytelling – and is told through the view of a rarely highlighted tribe of the Akamba community.

Good Karma Fiction, supported by Federal German Ministry of Economic Collaboration and Development and Deutsche Welle Akademie, partnered with Kenyan production company, Tililiz Pictures, to complete the pilot of the drama series with Kenyan writers, crew, and cast. Country Queen is directed by Vincent and co-produced by award winning Kenyan producer, Kamau Wandung’u, winner of the Ousman Sembene Award ZIFF, Best Feature ZIFF, Audience Award Berlinale (Writer), Sense 8, Nairobi Half Life, First Grader (BBC).