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Gilli FM marks first anniversary with 106 hours and 50 minutes of live broadcast

CEO Ashokan Subramaniam.

Gilli FM (106.5 FM), one of the UAE’s two Tamil-language radio stations, celebrated the completion of one year following a change in management last year. Gilli FM celebrated the occasion with a Guinness World Record, which saw the channel record 106 hours and 50 minutes of live show non-stop.

Riding on the success of Gilli FM, the new management also launched Jio FM, a Hindi-language radio station, earlier this year. Both frequencies have been taken on a ten-year lease from Umm Al Quwain Broadcasting Network.

“Radio Gilli’s Longest Marathon DJ Music Show of 106 hours and 50 minutes was a great hit since its relaunch last year under its new management, which is Chennai-based Grand Homes,” commented CEO Ashokan Subramaniam, who heads both radio stations.

He has helmed radio projects in the UAE previously and launched the country’s first Tamil-language radio station back in 2005. As the backbone of the channel, he attributes its huge success to a mix of good songs and marketing initiatives aimed at the UAE’s South Indian community.

For one, Gilli FM carries the rights to the first day, first show of every Tamil movie released in the UAE. As the official radio partner for the movies, it screens them every Friday at Galleria Cinema in Dubai.

The station recently attracted more than 12,000 people to an event it hosted at Marmum Dairy Farm during Pongal, the Tamil New Year. “We are miles ahead of our competition in terms of both listeners and initiatives. The figures are evident on social media and they are transparent for all to see.”