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Indonesia invites bidding for new satellite

Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Informatics has invited domestic and international legal entities to bid for the procurement of a new government satellite as part of a public-private partnership that will provide connectivity to over 149,400 remote public sites consisting of schools, hospitals, state/local government, defense, and security administration around the Indonesian archipelago.

The project for the financing, design, procurement, pre-operating costs, construction, launching, operation and maintenance of the satellite is valued at USD 459.8m.

The project requires a high-throughput satellite with 150 Gbps capacity and a contract period of 15 years with an operation plan up to 2023.

A report from Satellite Market adds that the project’s Orbital Slot Requirements indicate that “the satellite must provide visibility to all of Indonesia with an elevation angle no lower than 20 degrees, have compatible slots to the GEO arc between approximately 78.4 degrees East and 156.7 degrees East; have at least CR/C document that has been published by Radiocommunication Bureau – International Telecommunication Union and have minimum Ka-band frequency with 2 GHz bandwidth in both polarisation (frequency to achieve 150 Gbps throughput capacity)”.

Under the indicative timeline of the project, the winner of the bid will be announced, and the contract signed during Q3 or Q4 of 2018. The satellite launch is projected for Q2 of 2022, according to the report.