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Jordan’s Roya TV produces two cooking shows for food and lifestyle channel, Fatafeat

Chef Dima Hijjawi.

As part of its first collaboration with Jordanian network Roya TV, Fatafeat is launching two cooking shows. The first, Latt Wa Ajen – which translates to ‘flipping and kneading dough’ in Arabic slang – is a “cooking show that is not just about pots, pans and ingredients, but also conversation. The title of the show can also be used to describe back and forth chit-chat,” stated a spokesperson from Roya TV. Fatafeat, is a Middle Eastern food and lifestyle television channel owned by Takhayal Entertainment, which is part of Discovery Inc.

Produced by Roya TV’s team and filmed at its studios in Amman, Latt Wa Ajen reportedly offers viewers the chance to listen to experts from various fields as they discuss topics with the channel’s celebrity Chef Dima Hijjawi. As the title suggests, the other theme of the show is all about kneading the perfect dough.

In Tabkha Alamiyyah, veteran Chef Daad Azar Abujaber will present international recipes while educating viewers about the countries they originate from. In every episode, Chef Daad will demonstrate the simplest way to cook four dishes from one country.

Commenting on the collaboration, Nahla Elmallawany, Head of Content at Discovery MEA, said: “We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with Roya TV, bringing Fatafeat fans two unique cooking shows with even more new tips, tricks and mouth-watering recipes to make their time in the kitchen a breeze.”