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MBC steps up digital efforts with Wildmoka’s live video editing platform

From left: Wildmoka co-founders Cristian Livadiotti and Thomas Menguy.

MBC GROUP has selected Wildmoka for its next-generation, live video editing and publishing platform. MBC will use Wildmoka’s “Moments Studio” platform to instantly clip and edit highlights from live broadcasts, and publish them to social media.

MBC GROUP owns a number of online digital platforms including Shahid.net and mbc.net, and boasts a large social media footprint.

“We started investing time and resources in the Middle East region earlier this year,” commented Cristian Livadiotti, co-founder at Wildmoka.

“We discovered a region with very advanced technologies and platforms, and a strong push towards digital. The partnership with MBC is one of our first in MENA, and the stepping stone for our growth in the region.”

Fadel Zahreddine, Group Director of Brand Management & Digital Businesses added: “At MBC, we are at the forefront of adopting new trends, with the steadfast aim at getting closer to our users on all available platforms. The choice is a clear one for us in that our digital strategy has always been about offering instant publishing and live clipping as an essential and scalable solution in today’s digital publishing environment”.


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