Film partnerships News Production to feature brand new Ramadan titles to coincide with DICM 2018 event will have a Ramadan page with ten brand new titles scheduled for release in May 2019. The campaign launch will coincide with the Dubai International Content Market event.
Heba Khorayem. Content Hub, a ChannelSculptor venture, will officially launch its Ramadan initiative at the Dubai International Content Market (DICM) with the aim of empowering TV content rights holders and producers to directly market their content to broadcasters and OTT platforms for Ramadan 2019 as early as December 2018, BroadcastPro ME can reveal. The Ramadan page will be available on the web site in time for the DICM event, which will take place from December 9-10, 2018.

“We already have ten brand new titles scheduled for release in May 2019 on the Ramadan 2019 section of the Content Hub as we go to DICM,” Heba Korayem, Client Director at Content Hub told BroadcastPro ME.

“This campaign gives distributors and content creators an opportunity to submit their titles for Ramadan 2019 quite early. More importantly, buyers can access the content directly from the web site and contact them, thereby eliminating the middle men. Listing Ramadan projects early on means that there is less confusion. As the month of Ramadan approaches, things get chaotic when it comes to claims on who really owns the rights to a title with middle men often posing as the actual rights holders. This initiative works in favour of the legitimate rights holders and will be launched officially at DICM.”

The platform has a variety of titles but those related to the Ramadan campaign will be placed in a separate section.

“Unlike other titles listed on the website, the Ramadan projects will be a mix of finished and unfinished works as some of them are still in the preparation phase, with only a synopsis and proposed actor names available. The artwork and promos will be uploaded as and when they are produced,” added Korayem.

A number of regional production companies including Eagle Films, Rotana, Cedars Art as well as broadcasters with high-quality productions such as Majid Kids (AbuDhabi Media’s Children’s channel), Ro’ya TV and Al Aan TV have listed their works on the web site.

“Many of these are also submitting their brand-new projects for inclusion in the Ramadan campaign,” Korayem confides.

Although a payment feature will be added in the future, the aim of the initiative at present is to get people used to the online content market idea, explains Korayem.

“There is a big red ‘Enquire’ button under each listed title that buyers use to ask a question – this enquiry will go directly to the right’s holder inbox with a copy to Our role is to ensure that the buyer receives a response within 24 hours as per policy.”

The Ramadan campaign offer is priced at $750 per title, and lasts for six months, until the Ramadan buying season is over, adds Korayem.

The team will be hosting the Buyers’ Club at DICM and will be available to field more queries.