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My-HD and SPI renew partnership for channel distribution in MENA

My-HD and SPI International have renewed their channel distribution partnership in MENA for the next three years. Under the new terms of the carriage deal, My-HD subscribers will continue to have access to content ranging from Hollywood films, live video game tournaments and award-winning documentaries.

Talking about the partnership, Murat Muratoğlu, Head of Distribution for Middle East, Ex-Yugo , Baltic States, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Turkey, CIS Countries, APAC at SPI International, said: “SPI International and My-HD have been working together for three years and we have renewed our channel distribution partnership in the MENA region until 2022.”

Karam Hamad, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of My-HD added: “It is a privilege to have FilmBox, DocuBox, Fast&FunBox, FightBox and Gametoon on the My-HD platform. We are confident that the evolving programming of the channels will reward our multi-cultural viewers across the Middle East and North Africa with an even better pay-TV viewing experience.”