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New Woody Woodpecker episodes to be created for YouTube

Universal Pictures International and Universal 1440 Entertainment are launching new Woody Woodpecker episodes, created for the dedicated English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish YouTube channels.

In 2017, NBCUniversal’s global distribution team launched a dedicated YouTube channel in Brazil, along with English- and Spanish-language channels devoted to Woody Woodpecker.

“When we launched Woody Woodpecker on YouTube in 2017, the channels immediately resonated and the dedicated Portuguese channel for Brazil was a breakout hit,” Rob Bell, NBCUniversal’s Executive VP of international new media, said in a statement. “We knew there was a unique opportunity to do more with this favourite, classic character.”

The new series pays homage to classic Woody Woodpecker adventures, made in 2D with a classic look. As part of the new series, Woody will travel to Brazil for two adventures. Created by Universal Pictures International and Universal 1440 Entertainment, each of the ten new cartoons is five minutes long and will be available in December.

Additionally, a short documentary was created to complement the new cartoons. Bird Gone Wild: The Woody Woodpecker Story goes behind the scenes with the makers of the new cartoons and looks back at the origins of the bird. The 13-minute documentary will also be available on the YouTube channels in December.