NewTek and MediaCast launch IP Series in the Middle East

NewTek launched its IP Series products in the Middle East at an event hosted in Dubai in partnership with MediaCast, NewTek’s regional distributor.
Peyman Dadpanah.
Peyman Dadpanah.

NewTek launched its NewTek IP Series products in the Middle East at an event hosted in Dubai in partnership with MediaCast, NewTek’s regional distributor.

First unveiled at IBC2016, NewTek IP Series products combine SDI compatibility with IP flexibility, enabling them to integrate with the current broadcast and video production infrastructure while also priming today’s facility for the future.

Commenting on the event, Peyman Dadpanah, Business Director at MediaCast, said that the IP Series product presentations were held on the final day of the three-day event that hosted NewTek’s resellers and channel partners from across the Middle East.

“Broadcast technology is increasingly moving towards IP and open standards, which is the way forward. Through this event, we are giving our customers a firsthand feel of NewTek IP Series and how these products can transform broadcast operations,” he said.

NewTek has built upon its NDI technology to develop the latest releases.

NewTek NDI is an open standard to connect video equipment across a network. any NDI-enabled device on the network can see and access content from all other devices, allowing more sources to be used in live production.

NDI was first introduced in 2015 and has now been downloaded by more than 1300 companies worldwide.

Chris Waddington, Director of Sales at NewTek, offered presentations and demonstrations covering the end-to-end working of the IP Series. He introduced the IP Series products to the audience and also spoke extensively about NDI version 2.

NewTek IP Series is a software-driven, modular video production system with access to video sources and video mixing options. Designed to work cohesively in an ecosystem, the NewTek IP Series is the first large production system designed for IP video while also fully backwards compatible with SDI; using separate scalable high-performance components for the mixing and control, input, and output of sources allowing virtually unlimited scalability. Video, audio, and control signals from these components are transferred digitally using NewTek’s Network Device Interface (NDI) technology allowing multiple video systems to identify and communicate with any other system over a standard computer network. The result is a fully customisable IP workflow solution with the flexibility to handle the most demanding production needs.