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NiS to demo Tazmeen dubbing system at Dubai International Content Market

Nabeel Al Dakkak, CEO and Principal Founder.

New Interactive Studio (NiS), a Syria-headquartered voice dubbing company, will launch its dubbing management system, Tazmeen at the Dubai International Content Market, which will be held in Dubai from December 9-10. NiS will also use the occasion to launch The Interactive Grid, a new platform to promote the development of the voice dubbing industry, and create an active global network using the Tazmeen system.

Tazmeen manages dubbing processes from and to any language in the world with special focus on languages in the Arab world. It has been used successfully to execute multiple projects simultaneously while providing end users with detailed production progress reports. Tazmeen contributes to all stages of the dubbing process, from script preparation to setting up and recording to sound processing and casting.

NiS claims that its dubbing system Tazmeen can dub content for Arab audiences at four times the current time at a quarter of the cost.

Commenting on the launch, Kenan Al Oulabi, co-founder at NiS said: “NiS experience in this field started with the Turkish series in 2008, where we dubbed and executed a multitude of series in various languages, the most important of which are the Ertugrul Resurrection series and the Valley of the Wolves, as well as an Indian series title Madhubala.

NiS’ CEO and principal founder, Nabil Al Dakkak, who is also the creator of Tazmeen, added: “Tazmeen will be the central nerve of the voice dubbing companies in this part of the world. NiS offers dubbing services for all production requirements including movies, dramas, documentaries and animations in classical Arabic, Syrian and Egyptian dialects, Turkish, Persian and Kurdish. We hope to demonstrate Tazmeen’s capabilities at Dubai International Content Market, which will be held in Dubai on December 9 and 10.”