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Novo Cinemas’ CEO reveals plans to customise offers for specific MENA audiences

Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen.

The CEO of Novo Cinemas, Debbie Stanford-Kristiansen, outlined the initiatives of the brand at the recently concluded MENA Cinema Forum.

Addressing the industry’s decision makers, she revealed that Novo will innovate in the areas of diverse cinema with new technology, new gourmet culinary experiences as well as introduce new levels of luxury in the MENA region.

Answering the demand for more immersive experiences, Novo is offering its customers the MX4D Motion EFX Theatre – the latest evolution in 4D cinema. The technology allows you to “feel” the movie’s jolts and pokes, the wind and water, and, even the scents. The brand also boasts Dolby Atmos sound, providing moving audio with sound that flows around and above to create a moving experience.

Novo is experimenting with virtual reality to appeal to younger audiences and will bring the results of its research to Middle Eastern audiences in the very near future, she said.

To safeguard brand loyalty with future generations, Stanford-Kristiansen said that the company caters to the most demanding cinema visitors – children. A seven-star movie experience will soon be available across its range of Kidz Theatres with specially designed, brightly coloured seating, ball pits and slides in the theatre.

Novo also offers a dedicated ladies-only evening complete with female-only staff to the Emirati audience.

French, German, Korean and Russian-speaking screenings are on the agenda, as well as new additions made to the culinary choices such as the newly-launched Indian snack menus. Novo’s Majlis offers bespoke luxury and choice ranging from unique seating design to a private entrance and private butler to a four-course meal delivered to your seat.