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OIV, VGP and Meratech collaborate to create OVM alliance

The joint venture is an attempt to bring together the strengths of the three companies and bring a new set of managed services in broadcast and video delivery to the EMEA region.

Three companies OIV, VGP and Meratech have joined hands to create a joint venture called OVM Technology Alliance to deliver a new set of managed services in broadcast and video delivery to the EMEA region.

As part of the alliance, OIV is providing infrastructure, OTT services, managed services, teleport services and international links etc.; VGP is bringing skill in business development and marketing and Meratech is bringing experience from the EMEA market in delivering turnkey high-tech next generation technology. Emphasis is on managed services from Croatia HQ and with cooperation and support of Tier1 vendors.

Speaking about the alliance, Usama El Sheikh, CEO, VGP, said: “The idea to build alliance relationship was born in 2018 with the aim to fill gaps and get a head start on the market in 2019. CABSAT was the perfect platform to introduce OVM Technology Alliance to the market with selected managed services including teleport service, complete OTT scalable end-to-end service, playout service and NOC as a service. The growing interest from potential customers on our joint venture is proof that we are on the right track and have touched the market sweet spot. In the coming 18 months, our focus will be on the MENA and Africa region to deliver managed services with hi-end ecosystems, enabling enhanced efficiency and new revenue opportunities to the end customers.”

Zoran Kezan, Director of Operations at OIV, added: “With more than 90 years of experience in broadcasting and multimedia solution, OIV Ltd (Odašiljači i veze d.o.o.) is a service provider in Croatia and operates in the core of broadcasting and telecommunication industries. It provides complete radio and television broadcasting terrestrial and satellite services, professional mobile radio communications network, audio-visual content and data distribution, fibre-optic lease, hosting as well as modern media services such as HbbTV, OTT and Digital content management.”

VGP (Video Green Print Ltd) is a UK based company specialised in video broadband and media consultancy. Media Era Technology UK Ltd (Meratech Ltd.) gained experience as a technology company and system integrator.