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OSN announces 2018 lineup

On OSN First HBO HD, 'The X-Files' returns with the newly reinstated FBI agents Mulder and Scully continuing the search for their son William.

OSN has announced a lineup of television series and films for the new year.

On OSN First HBO HD, The X-Files returns with the newly reinstated FBI agents Mulder and Scully continuing the search for their son William. The channel will also air season 2 of  the comedy series Divorce and season 2 of crime drama, StartUp, where a desperate banker, a Haitian-American gang lord, and a Cuban-American hacker are forced to work together to unwittingly create their version of the American dream.

Season 7  of Suits continues on OSN Series First HD. The channel will see the premiere of season 13 of Criminal Minds that follows an elite group of profilers who analyse the most dangerous serial killers.

On OSN Series Comedy HD, season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where a talented and carefree cop who has never had to follow the rules now faces new challenges in the job, will be aired January 1 onward. The channel will also air season 2 of Speechless with Maya DiMeo, fiercely protective of her husband, Jimmy, and their three children, Ray, Dylan, and J.J. – who has a condition that leaves him with unique mobility and communication challenges.

On OSN YaHala Al Oula HD, Turkish drama resumes with the series, Ishq w Domou, which tells the story of Yasmeen who comes from a poor background, while Jehan’s wife Deyala is wealthy.  The channel will continue to air the Egyptian drama, Nasiby w Qesmetek that revolves around certain cases relating to the life struggles Arab women face and Kuwaiti social and psychological drama, Amani El Omr that tells the story of four girls gathered in a psychiatric hospital.

Among the movies to be screened in January on OSN YaHala Cinema HD are Listen, where a sound engineer takes a leap toward his love to pull her into his universe of sound and Antar Abn Shadad, where the grandson of Antar Abassi enters a bitter struggle with a rival to win the heart of the most beautiful girl in the tribe.

In memory of legendary Egyptian actress,Faten Hamama, OSN has a dedicated pop-up channel from January 17-27, featuring ten classic movies from her cinematic career – Al Hob al Kabir; Al Zawga Al Aazraa; Ayamnah El Helwah; Doaa AL Karawan; El Tarek El Masdoud; Embratoryat Meem; Zaman Al Agaeeb; Al Bab Al Maftouh; AL Khet Al Rafeaa; and Al Mohareg Al Kbeer.